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Mimic His kindness. Mimic His holiness. As a child in a family, take on and mimic the characteristics of the holy, loving, kind, compassionate God. And then it plays out to the second command: and love people.

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And how are we to love people? The same way Jesus loved people. In a warm, accepting, authentic, selfless, sacrificial manner.

Love people to the point that it costs you. What does the text say? And love people, not for what they will do for you, not to gain strokes. Love people as an act of worship. What does it say? And so he is going to build his case and it starts off with this premise: Every Christian needs to mimic God and love people. Now, notice the negative side, verses 3 through 6. For this you know with certainty.

Why We All Hate Hypocrisy | Broadcast from Living on the Edge

If we had time to develop it, all those words I underlined: immoral, impurity, greed, filthiness, silly talk, coarse jesting, they all — do a word study on them, I have — they all have sexual connotations. Loving people is about giving and serving and wanting what is best and doing whatever it takes for their benefit. Lust is about taking and getting and using and abusing and grabbing and satisfying you. Love is about them; lust is about us. He lusts for you. And he can be sweet, and he can manipulate, and he can make you feel very, very special.

But what this is about is him and his lust and his desires and you will end up used. If you love someone, you want what is best for them. If you lust for someone, you want what is best for you. And that is why I hated the Church. And guess what? He hates it too, because it produces pain and damage and hurt. You have a new birth and a new identity. Walk in goodness. That means benevolence and caring and wanting to do good for others.

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Walk in righteousness. That means being holy and pure, morally, and in your thoughts and in your mind, and what comes over the screen of the Internet, and what magazines and what books and what shows. Not some self-righteous, prudey holiness, but a winsome, pure holiness, because your heart is clean and you love God.

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And then walk in truth. Not only externally speaking the truth and living the truth, but in your motives. And then you put it on and you realize, Oh, this is really pure. This is really good. The idea is proving or demonstrating, when you live in goodness and righteousness and truth, you are approving and demonstrating what is pleasing to God. And it produces awesome peace and goodness in your heart. Then notice what he goes on to say.

The Cure for Hypocrisy

And so two applications flow out of this for every, single Christian. Positively: Do practice walking in the Light. Ask yourself, right now, Does my speech demonstrate walking in the Light, or the deeds of darkness? Does my thought life and my sexual practice demonstrate walking in the Light or deeds of darkness? Does my integrity with my spouse, my friends, at work demonstrate walking in the Light or the deeds of darkness?

Does my commitment to my marriage and my children demonstrate walking in the Light or the deeds of darkness?

Discuss any of these questions below:

Is how I conduct myself, at work, demonstrate… You got it? Got it? You do remember the greatest act of hypocrisy that ever occurred, do you remember this one? It happened right before Easter. I love You, love You, love You! What was Judas doing? He was coming to Jesus as his Rabbi and Teacher, and communicating his love by his outward action of the kiss.

And the actual kiss was the sign of betrayal and everything he did, externally, actually betrayed Christ. And I like to identify with different people in the Easter story. This is not one of my favorites. But you know what has really helped me to realize? And, see, this is why God so hates hypocrisy. The moment you click on the flashlight, what happens?

Anything the flashlight is focused on becomes visible. You see it for what it is. You know what? The best sex is over here!

“A Sincere Hypocrite” - Pastor Doug Batchelor

You ought to try this! If you have never tried this, give this, smoke this, try that! Someone turns on the light. You mean this could happen to you? You mean this is what will happen to your kids twelve years later? You mean this is what will happen to my body five years from now? You mean this is the psychological damage? Oh my lands! When you take the light of truth, it exposes things for what they are.