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I have personally diligently sought Him. I survived an accident that had many of the medical staff of a major hospital talking about my receiving multiple miracles their words , even staff that denied belief in God. I say this to encourage each reader to personally seek Him in their own personal life and to be diligent about it while believing in personal rewards for acting in faith to His promises.

Returning to our first step, we see the specific blessings from God that Paul and Timothy were praying for. The first of these things is the knowledge of his will. Many believers struggle with this. Many people have also found that they have less of a problem in this area the more that they are diligent in their personal prayer and Bible study.

After the spiritual birth, God moves on to new knowledge.

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When we refuse the revealed Will of God for our personal life, God keeps bringing us back to the same lesson sometimes with punishments until we obey His Will for our personal life. The second thing that Paul and Timothy prayed for in this first step was wisdom. The third thing that Paul and Timothy prayed for in this first step was spiritual understanding. Again, this is different from understanding that comes from this world.

It has specific rules such as reading what God really wrote instead of what a religious teacher said that God meant. It also means being diligent enough to study every place that the Bible talks about a subject.

That belief is that the Bible is always talking about the Son of God when it uses Jesus. So in our first step we find that the first thing we need is for God's Holy Spirit to apply God's Word to our personal lives so that we can obey God's personal Will for us. This results in us personally receiving the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.

Colossians for Beginners - #10 - Colossians 3:18-21

Once we Have that basis we can move onto the next step. Please note that these steps are repeated without number throughout our life. In our second step we have three parts that we need to obey. One part is that we need to walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing.

Who wrote the book?

Lots of people want ' a great leap of faith '. However, God doesn't want us ' leaping ' around but He wants us to faithfully do the little steps of faith in order to get to the destination that He has set for us. The next part is that we need to be fruitful in every good work. But notice that we are to continue until the results are full of fruit fruitful and not quit at the first sign of the first fruit.

I. Introduction

Finally, our third part is the ongoing activity of increasing in the knowledge of God. All three of these parts are to be going on at the same time and they together comprise the second step in this section of this sentence. The third step is our receiving and using power. We again have three parts. Notice that the second part says that it is his glorious power. At the same time, the third part says that the results which we experience unto is patience and longsuffering with joyfulness.

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Therefore, this step is for us to receive, and act in, true Biblical meekness. Anyone who has experienced this step personally knows that it required the two prior steps and that this step ultimately leads to the last step. After truly experiencing all of the first three steps sufficiently to understand God's plan and God's provision we can truly Give thanks unto the Father If I had never been literally out of my mind with pain and opiates I would not have heard how God used me to give Him glory even when I didn't know what I was doing.

As a result of that experience, I do not fear ' losing my mind with age ' like most people say they fear. Even if I ' lose my mind with age ' I will still be putting up rewards in Heaven. Therefore, my terrible experience resulted in God removing a fear before it even became significant to me. Hopefully the reader can see how these four steps provide a detailed equivalency of the other sections of this sentence. As said, every section of this sentence tells us what God has provided through our salvation after the things which we received at our initial profession.

These additions only come through developing our ongoing personal relationship with God. That definition gives this word legal implications. The functional definition is: ' A suit or action in court; any legal process which a party institutes to obtain his demand, or by which he seeks his right or his supposed right.

This is a legal, scriptural and popular use of the word '. In our current sentence we are told that Paul prayed for these people so that they would do the things which would get them a good judgment at the judgment seat of Christ.

Notes on Ephesians

Please see the note for Hebrews about the word cease. The functional definition is: ' To stop moving, acting or speaking; to leave of; to give over '. Please see the note for about the word pray. Please see the notes for Romans C10S1 ; Galatians and Philippians about the word desire. The functional definition is: ' An emotion or excitement of the mind, directed to the attainment or possession of an object from which pleasure, sensual, intellectual or spiritual, is expected '.

Our current sentence is the only place in Colossians where we find this word. Please see the note for about the word fill. The functional definition is: ' to put or pour in, till the thing will hold no more '. The functional definition is: ' A clear and certain perception of that which exists, or of truth and fact; and the perception of the connection and agreement, or disagreement between various truths and acts.

Within the Biblical usage is the knowledge that comes only from personal intimate experience. Please see the note for Romans C6S5 about the phrase Know ye not. See Conceit. Knowledge of God is Infinite. Withheld from Man.

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Please see the note for about the word will. Please also see the note for 1Peter about the phrase will of God. That note has the definition from Webster's and links from other commentators.

Please see the note for Galatians LJC about the word spiritual. The functional definition is: ' that which is related to God's Holy Spirit '. Please see the note for 1Corinthians C11S34 about the phrase sleep is physically dead but spiritually alive. Please see the note for 1Peter C1S11 about spiritual verses physical. Please see the note for 1Corinthians C14S2 about the word understanding.

The functional definition is: ' The sense is to support or hold in the mind. To have just and adequate ideas of; to comprehend; to know; as, to understand a problem '. The functional definition is: ' To move slowly on the feet; to step slowly along; to advance by steps moderately repeated '. Please see the note for 1Corinthians C11S31 about the word worth.

This is the only sentence within Colossians where this word is used.

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  8. Please see the note for 1Corinthians C10S2 about the phrase well Pleased. The functional definition is: ' The act of gratifying '. Please also see the note for Romans C11S26 about the word goodness. The functional definition, that us used within the Bible, is: ' that which comes from God '. This is the only place within Colossians where we find this word. Please see the note for Romans C3S27 about the phrase law of works. Please see the note for Philippians about the phrase evil workers.

    Please see the note for Romans C11S10 about the phrase works are seen of men. The functional definition is: ' To labor; to be occupied in performing manual labor, whether severe or moderate '.