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Sex trafficking is an issue that hides in the shadows. It's a difficult subject to talk about and thus, awareness of the problem is low. And with minimal data surrounding the subject, it is especially difficult to procure support from donors and politicians to fight the problem. If we can't prove that we can make a measurable difference, people will not lend their support.

But Gracie was designed to not just fight the problem head on, but to collect data at the same time.

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Her data collection fueled the largest single verifiable study ever done on underage sex trafficking. And that gives us valuable ammunition in fighting for real policy changes and action from both donors and politicians.

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We needed lots of data from authentic conversations. We interviewed their special agents to learn about the psychology and tendencies of sex predators.

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We had no idea about the form and structure of the conversations between a victim and a sex-buyer. Our instincts told us that the language should be seductive and flowery, but we were overwhelmed with the possibilities for how different conversations could unfold.

We consulted the GBI. Special agents told us that these conversations are actually very transactional, more like scheduling an appointment. This information influenced how we designed the conversation flow for Gracie. Also, our work would be jeopardized if predators found out that Gracie was a bot.

We overrode defaults and made changes for how Gracie responds when she doesn't understand users' input and how to handle belligerent users.

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She has also fueled the single biggest verifiable study on sex trafficking ever done, helping inspire real policy change and becoming perhaps the greatest weapon we have to fight underage sex trafficking. Most importantly, every conversation Gracie has with a predator is one less conversation a predator has with a real kid. Digital marketing and analytics are obviously massive drivers of business results in our industry.

But with Gracie, we needed to go beyond typical data analysis, to push into a completely new area. Never before has artificial intelligence been used to create such an authentic online replica of such a specific group: adolescents being trafficked for sex. And never before has a communications platform been so efficient at taking on such a difficult task.

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This project wasn't just using data to locate or delineate a specific target audience. It used data to actually create an artificially intelligent online persona which could interact with a target audience of potential sex traffickers. In , the Italian Argentine Queirolo Brothers staged circus shows there and presented Mitsuyo Maeda , a Japanese judoka and prize fighter. There's a version saying that Helio was too young and slow at that time to learn the art and due to his medical imposition was prohibited to physically partake in training, but it is now known that he became a coxswain for the local rowing team [7] as well as a competitive swimmer.

For a number of years, the Gracie family ran a competitive monopoly on Vale Tudo events. Notable members of the Brazilian Gracie family include: [14] [15]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cracie family - known for their development of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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