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They picked up the baton from the Filmmakers of Tomorrow program I participated in as an organizer and huckster; more on this later… --S. Seasonal promotions of Halloween were in full swing in the s, a practice that has sadly faded. Then they talked ! Now they smell! Regardless of the stellar credentials, the US market ironically perceived this series as a knock-off of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. There you have it! For about three years, the VSDA pursued these sorts of programming events to counter this wave, and this panel represents the culmination of those joint efforts.

Not a replica, but one of the figures actually used in the film. This was a gift to me from Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier, and is a treasured item in my movie-related collection. Print out and place this information in the collection with this figure. Dan later did all the repairs, renovations, and woodwork on my trailer studio on Lower Dover Road in Marlboro, VT where I worked approx.

The original Aurora kit was among my first monster models at age 7 , and this is a nifty artifact of that era and formative period. This great line of monster toys vanished in a flurry of bargain-bin blowout sales. Two Creature from the Black Lagoon action figures, sealed in original packages, Remco, A quick explanation, as this portion of the collection will be arriving complete in the coming packages.

Maia and Daniel loved both films, and we searched high and low for the toys and action figures, though they are few and far between. For every one the kids got, I picked u p a duplicate to display in my studio.

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In original package, unopened. Manila folder with notes on it; 2 bankbooks; 1 processed check; 1 money order receipt; envelope addressed to Stephen R. I kept the NJ bank account open until April of ; this was my final bank book from that period. I lived there from the time of my graduation from the KubertSchool May until I moved to Grafton, VT in August ; I eventually sublet my room until leaving the house altogether in March of I was renting from Theron and Iva Fisher, two sturdy old Vermonters, and my residence was a one-room brick schoolhouse from the s.

I should also note I purchased the first car of my life while living here, sometime in late a Mercury Montego from Florida that was hand-painted you could see the paintbrush strokes! This was the final JSC bill; settled, behind me. She was a curious woman to work for; during this period, I proposed a number of stories to her for the zine. If Lynne liked an idea, though, she would decide she should write it — and then never write it, which is what happened to my time-travel heroine Kestrel Falconer, whose story was ballyhooed complete with two of my four character paintings in an issue of BIZARRE ADV.

Lynne never wrote the script, and the job languished, though I did complete two fully-rendered pages in hopes of jump-starting the gig. In a way, Ralph was the only constant for me at Marvel. See Marvel Comics file, below, for the rest of the story.

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Manila folder with notes on it; envelope with check stub from Scholastic Magazines Inc. Note the bankbook entries for Jan.

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We fell for each other hard: Nancy moved out to Grafton to live with me by September of Ah, young love and long-distance romances. Also herein: bus and train trip tickets etc. The documents in this file tell the story, particularly the bankbook, but they do require a bit of back-up to explain the rest of what happened in However, by the time of her arrival, I had arranged for possibly moving our living quarters from the red brick schoolhouse on Fisher Hill Road to the hilltop Grafton rental home built by SteveLake, if Nancy preferred.

The Lake rental house was as Spartan as life at the schoolhouse, though it was a very cool structure with two floors, an electrical generator, a real kitchen and dining area, a living room, no running water but plumbing of a sort a bathtub upstairs one could fill with water heated on the woodstove , and an outhouse a bit more elegant than the schoolhouse four-holer.

The barely passable dirt road to the place was drivable in the fall, but unplowed in the winter, necessitating a half-mile trek uphill come winter. Nancy and I spent our first night together in VT at this place in the upstairs bedroom, which had a skylight above the bed; an owl visited us that night, landing above the skylight looking down. This pioneer-style idyll faded once winter hit hard, and we ended up literally fleeing the house on December 24 th , , when a day-long struggle to fill the bathtub with hot water culminated in the crude plumbing bursting at almost every seam at the moment I climbed into the tub.

We packed up and spent Christmas Day at the Fisher Hill schoolhouse, where we subsequently lived together from January through the end of August of that year. It was cramped living, but we were young and in love; Nancy worked in Springfield, VT about a half-hour drive away as a waitress, while my freelance work picked up and I worked at home.

We were married atop the hills overlooking our Fisher Hill home in August, , by our landlord Iva, who was also a Justice-of-the-Peace; sadly, her husband Theron had passed away late in Seeking work that was of interest, Nancy gravitated to the GreenMeadowsSchool, a structured living facility for autistic children, in Wilmington, VT, south of Grafton.

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  8. After her successful interview for a position at Green Meadows, we made the decision to move, and bid farewell to the red schoolhouse. We moved to a seasonal rental on Lake Rapona Road in Wilmington, in a rather odd sprawling two-story house owned by Connecticut teachers Tom and Carol Grant; we were there from September through the end of May The Wilmington move was definitive, re-orienting my life up to the present I still live, now with my second wife Marjory, in this part of the state, over the mountain from Wilmington in Marlboro, VT.

    Though the Grant house was a great place to live, complete with plumbing and electricity, comfortably heated with wood, and boasting an adjoining lawn across the road that sloped down to the lake itself the Grants also had a small sailboat and paddle-boat we were free to use , and my freelance career in comics enjoyed a real boost from my work with Marvel see below , it was a troubled year for us. Our new car was subsequently totaled in our driveway when Wilmington high school boys joy-riding at about AM avoided a rear-end collision with the local school bus by veering into actually, ONTO the back end of our vehicle.

    Luckily, I still owned the piss monster my Mercury Montego , which I sold after we could afford a new used car at the end of the year see below. The bankbook is a real reminder of the details of our life that year. It all started in May of …— S. Hollingshead claimed to have associations with pop-science writers and scientists like Carl Sagan, Robert Jastrow, John C.

    Lilly, etc. Hollingshead was a smooth-talking British gentleman who looked a bit like William Burroughs and, I soon discovered, shared Burroughs appetite for drugs and charmed Marvel personnel with his Brit accent and manners. Hollingshead was indeed a British academic, and I vividly recall the meetings in which he sold first Graeme and then Shooter on his proposed series of pop science comics. The concept was great, and it was just the kind of high-profile venture Shooter was seeking. Hollingshead produced letters and documents which, it turned out, were all forged claiming association with, and permission from, Sagan, Jastrow, Lilly, etc.

    I was to work one-on-one with Hollingshead and Shooter, and jumped into the project enthusiastically. This was all a heady, steep learning curve for an eager young newlywed cartoonist. He could barely manage to sit in his chair, much less speak coherently. At one point, when Shooter stepped out to take an urgent phone call, Hollingshead slid out of his chair like a drunken snake and toppled onto the floor; he got back into the chair only with my help. So, Jim and I re-did the entire issue for a THIRD time, removing all material relevant to the source material we had worked from — a mean feat.

    During this process, Shooter began double-checking every factoid and bit of information Hollingshead had included in his ramshackle script, and found much of it to be incorrect. Knowing it was all a con, the agent had managed to ram through an unbreakable contract — Marvel had to pay Hollingshead off to get him out of their hair, which infuriated Shooter to no end. In the end, Shooter pulled the plug on the project. Shooter made sure I was paid well for my work throughout this ordeal, but in the end it ended up in Marvel archives of unpublished projects. We lost our child mere days after the job was turned in — my reward being Marvel claiming the copyright to that story with a single phonecall, though it was supposed to be our copyright see that issue of BIZARRE ADV. It remains one of the stories and art jobs I am proudest of to this day, and among the most personal of all my comics work. Embittered, I never really gave a shit about another deadline in my life.

    Looks like I enjoyed four or five jobs with them in , by the dates on the mailing receipts Feb.

    C. L. Wilson

    I loved working for and with them both. Wilmington receipts — I include these as records of the three Wilmington businesses that became key to my work life after Nancy and I moved to the area. She was great, and loved to see me walk in the door — photocopying my weird shit was a pleasant change in her day. Still astounds me that DC never put us on their comp lists — the cheap bastards!

    Bissette Biographical— Items pertaining to Stephen R. Bissette personal and professional history. What a tank it was! Manila folder with notes on tab; receipt for St. Unlike DC Comics, Marvel would always reimburse me for travel expenses when I was called into the city for a meeting — always.

    See all notes on the file, which read as follows:. Danny was only two years old, still at home.

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    Manila folder with notes on it; personal money order to Bill Cathey from Nancy J. Enclosed is one of my pay receipts to William Cathey, who worked with me on the project — he was my HarwoodUnionHigh School art teacher, and also had taught art to none other than Frank Miller in Montpelier, VT before working at Harwood! Manila folder with notes on it; copy of check from Peter A. In July of , I got a phone call from one of my old JoeKubertSchool classmates John Bisson, who had gone into the field of movie special effects makeup. The checks herein were not primarily payments to me; they were monies from Aardvark One to cover payments to TABOO contributors who were beginning to turn in their work, so the checks would come from SpiderBaby Grafix.

    Bissette personal and professional history.???????? I hope this makes the material a little more digestable — along with the following notes, which pretty well give you a year-by-year overview of my life, pro and some personal, and its relevance to the records enclosed.

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