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Heat Treat. Hazem Samih Mohamed. Abstract: Pre-stressing with external tendon is one of the most efficient techniques for rehabilitation of existing structures, strengthening of steel structures, controlling the structure deflection and reduction of the construction cost. This paper consisting of a parametric study to investigate the effect of several parameters on the structure behavior.

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The key variables examined were the number of deviator, eccentricity of the external tendon, pre-stressing technique. ANSYS software has been used to analyze and simulate the process of applying the pre-stressing force and the structure loads. Geometrical imperfections and buckling modes of the unloaded beam are taken into consideration as an initial condition. The results show that these variables impose additional challenges on the accurate prediction of pre-stressed steel structures performance during its service life. Dunker, K.

Vernigora, E. Kandall, C. Knee, D. Troitsky, M.

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Bradford, M. Aparicio, A. Aravinthan, T. El-Ariss, B. Lou, T. Ariyawardena, N. Saadatmanesh, H. Chen, S. Lorenc, W. Oh, J.

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Aydin, Z. Gosaye, J. Saito, D. Ellen, M. Bourne, S. Ponnada, M. Boatman, B. Chen, Z. Belletti, B. This research paper aims at preparing a new design along with its fabrication process. For a start we studied the readily available deigns and there advantages as well as limitations. The key factors we have considered while in the process of design are mobility, safety in operation, steer ability, and the most important one is size and shape adaptability. Our model is a wireless flexible pipe inspection robot which is capable to pass through a pipe with diameter in range of inches.

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We can detect various defects such as cracks, corrosion, buckles, etc. Ankit Nayak , S. Lee Vuen Nee, I. Elamvazuthi, Timothy Ganesan, M. Ahamed Khan and S. Ankit Nayak, S. Atul A. Gargade, Dr. Shantipal S. VII Jul. Sharanabasappa C. Sajjan , Naveen Srivatsa H. Abstract: The theme of this project work is solar panel selection which capacity is 5KW. The first phase of the project is introduction, prospects, configuration about Photo-Voltaic systems PV systems and study of photo-voltaic cells, modular and array.

The second phase includes the selection of solar panel, efficiency, economic considerations and calculations of the photo-voltaic system. The photo-voltaic technology is an off-shoot of the evaluation in semiconductor technology during s. Several different base materials and doping materials were tried during early s. By mid s the silicon has been adopted as base material for producing photo-voltaic cells by almost all the photo-voltaic cell manufacturers.

They work on principle of the light energy of the sun is directly converted in to electrical energy.

Domkundwar, and Anand V. I, Nazrin Nazar, A. Abstract: The non-availability of materials is one of the major factors affecting the progress of construction.

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Natural resources are becoming insufficient to meet the increasing demand in construction. As a solution to the above problems, recycled aggregates from the demolished waste are now being used as replacement of natural aggregates. But the use of recycled aggregates drastically decreases the strength of concrete. This is mainly due to old mortar on the surface of aggregate which render the surface porous and makes it of inferior quality.

Recent literatures suggests surface treatment to improve the strength. Therefore in this study, recycled aggregate that is treated in dil.

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HCl to remove the loose mortar is used instead of recycled aggregate. Also fibre reinforced concrete is now being widely used in industry due to its abrasion resistance, shrinkage control and impact resistance. The objective of this study is to find out the combined effect of treated recycled aggregate with polypropylene fibres and the strength properties are compared with that of conventional concrete.

Mix proportion is done for M25 concrete. In all mixes the proportion of polypropylene fibre is kept constant at 0. Keywords: Fibre reinforced concrete, polypropylene fibre, recycled aggregate, treated recycled aggregate. Akca, K. Cakik, M.

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Ipek Properties of polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete using recycled aggregates, Construction and Building Materials, 98, pp. Dharani, N. Ashwini, G. Pavitha and G. Arulraj Experimental investigation on mechanical properties of Recron 3s fibre reinforced hyposludge concrete, International Journal Of Civil Engineering And Technology, 4, pp. Dilbas, H. Cakir An investigation on mechanical and physical properties of recycled aggregate concrete RAC with and without silica fume, Construction and Building Materials, 61, pp.

Ede, A. Ige Optimal polypropylene fibre content for improved compressive and flexural strength of concrete, Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, 11, pp.