Guide Over Salad and Hot Bread GIFT: What an Old Friend Taught Me About Life

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This is the first post to disappoint me. But the contest seems to be based solely on referrals. This goes against your message of attracting people by providing lasting value. Have fun with the experiment. Good luck to everyone! Either- 1. I would invest half of it in low risk mutual funds and then take the other half over to my friend Asadulah who works in securities… or 2. Damn straight. I always wanted to do that, man. Why would anyone would pay me a 1K for free?

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All the posts just refer to what they have wanted to do even before the 1K. I would use the money to pay for that repair so that I can stay on track with my debt reduction goal. Whatever is leftover goes to a nice dinner with my wife. I would open an investment account to mirror what my IRA is. Low broker fees!

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First, I will set up a website and pay hosting for the year. Next, I will buy books that teach how to format and market eBooks so I can keep making extra money.

Finally, with that extra dollar I will buy a coffee for my smart friend so she can tell me how she got her two-book-deal. Thanks for the opportunity! Leaving me dollars. I have two CCs I pay off each month, so forget that. I got married in August. My husband and I are both graduate students, so the wedding was a simple, DIY-filled affair on a small budget. Because of our financial constraints for the wedding itself, we were unable to afford a honeymoon after the wedding. I would use the money to cover closing costs to re-finance my mortgage.

I would use it to first help a friend dealing with cancer and being out of work in paying for his monthly drugs, and part of it I would use to pay for my gym expenses in hiring a trainer to help me get my life and my body back on track. To help me lose my over lbs, and have a new life! This would be a valuable skill to make me stand out in my field.

Slowly plugging at this debt so I can get out of it. I would invest it in my photography business that I set up last year, with most if not all going into marketing. Spiritually, I would find something relaxing to do. I would put it toward my savings account for a diamond engagement ring for my awesome girlfriend! Honestly, I find that the cracks at people not hitting the gym really get to me.

How about that? I really joining the gym was a good idea — but the intent is not to go there forever and shell out an extra chunk of my paycheck each month. I would definitely pay off some debt, maybe go ahead and pay off my car that will be done being financed this year. I would put it into my plan. In the last 6 months I paid off all credit cards 12, fully funded my Roth IRA, emergency fund, maxed my k , secured a huge raise, and have averaged dollars of income on the side. I would buy into a nice expensive camera for taking pictures to sell, and if enough money is left over I would buy a laptop.

I would use the money to enhance the web presence site, SEO, social networking of my bbq sauce line. Producing it is no problem, getting access to new customers via the web is my stumbling block. I would let it sit in my savings account until I reach my savings goal, at which point I would use that money to pay off the entirety of my student loans. How about your northern readers Canadians—re: contest rules?

SIMCHA FISHER – I have to sit down.

Hi Ramit.. I would invest that in my business to make more money, probably a nail course and product, although there are a couple different things I could choose to invest it in to make more money with it. Put the rest toward debt. I would use this money to fund a business idea I have and attempt to create an ROI on this money. That profit would then be split between reinvestment in the business and paying down my student loans. When I graduate college in the spring of I will embark on a round the world trip and this will help in a massive way.

If it came from a family member, I would put it toward finishing my basement currently about halfway through doing most of the work myself.

Half goes to my savings, and the other half goes to items im saving up for. Currently im saving up for an engagement ring and a vacation. Just paid off all our credit card debt so I think my husband and I deserve it! After setting aside the amount for taxes. I would go to the local turtle races, have each turtle represent a different outcome for the money. Turtle 1- take classes on how to set up a website that can sell products, and buy jewelry making supplies to start a jewelry business.

Turtle 2- buy a cc scooter from a friend of mine. Turtle 3- take a trip to Hawaii to visit a friend of mine and sit in at a couple gigs. Turtle 4- turn my jeep into an rv and take a page from a friend in San Francisco and start a travel blog and live a life nomadic. My question would be how you are going to choose the winner.

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How could you decide? Then I would upgrade much need equipment I use in my industry, and the rest would go to a promotion much like this one. But, after a day considering this question I decided I would purchase a new TV for my husband and me.

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It will be paid in full no later than September 1, thanks to you! I live in Amsterdam Holland , and finding parking space for a car is really hard and expensive. Up to now. Dear ramit, I would Invest the money into my eBay funds.. At the moment I am selling a number of items on the site, but after buying a number of Chinese items online, and selling for twice the price on eBay I now need a lump sum of money to drive on my business.

We just paid off our Credit cards which would have been my answer before. Gas for vacation with my family, dental work, fixing the dog, saving for a new car. My current daily account is about euros in the red. One less worry, and one less monthly overdraft fee! I would use it for my trip this summer to hike through the Sierras. Sending food to the mountains is pricey. So are hiking boots. Take 2 days from work unpaid. This will allow me to go to the university during business hours. This is important because I need to get permission to post the flyers for my new business idea.

I will post several of them in key areas, and use the rest of the time to meet with professors and counselors who can recommend my services to students. Forms, cards, free crap kids in college like, etc. Third, I would take several people out to lunch or coffee. I work in a very isolated part of my company, and it would be great to get out and meet some new people. I would love to talk to him more. Why do I want to do this? Beause regardless of how much I believed you in the past. The story is that I have busted my hump for a year to prove my vaule to this company. I have gotten a professional license, started coursework for my masters degree, have taken on more than I need to, etc.

Guide Over Salad and Hot Bread GIFT: What an Old Friend Taught Me About Life

I can easily add three percent to my income on the side without all of the struggle. What have I learned from writing all of this? I earn that in about 20 hours worth of work. So really why would I do this with extra money if I already have the money? Its obviously not money that is holding me back. Thanks for the insight your post provided.

I will used vacation time I have coming up to do these things instead.