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Determine the name and street address where the letter was mistakenly delivered, and the actual name and street address written on each letter. Saturday Night Date Five different boys had a crush on five different girls. During school, each boy asked the girl out on a date this Saturday night. Each was very relieved when the girls agreed Determine the full name of each boy, the full name of each girl he asked, and what each couple did on Saturday night.

Hotels At the Conference Five people fly into town to attend a conference. Christmas Choir Soloists The high school choir held a concert on the last Saturday evening before Christmas this year. The choir, made up of both boys and girls, sang five popular Christmas carols Determine the full name of each soloist, what year of high school each soloist was currently in, and the name of the Christmas Carol in which each performed their solo part.

Dieting Success Five friends decided that it was high time they lost all that extra body fat and returned to the more comfortable weight each was in high school or college. So, they started their own dieting and exercise program with great success Determine the full name of each woman and their before and after weights. Five people in his neighborhood left on vacation Saturday morning and each of them left a pet for Larry to care for until they return.

Held at the Millersville high school, the craft show is an annual tradition for the townsfolk and always attracts a large crowd.

This year, dealers setup to sell their wares Determine the full name of each friend, the item they got for themselves and the item they bought for a friend. City Block Construction Two whole city blocks in the downtown area have been closed to traffic for the week while the road is being repaired. For five people on their way to work, it has created nothing but headaches Determine the full name of each worker, what two streets each one is using to get to work, and what type of car each drives. Not only did they have contestants in most breed categories, but they had some qualify for national marks Flying to Europe Five American couples headed to Europe this week for a two-week vacation.

Truckin' Cross Country Four truckers are hauling loads in their wheelers from Newark, New Jersey clear across the country to California. The truckers all had different loads and stopped in different cities for rest breaks on the way across the country Determine the full name of each truck driver, the load each was carrying, the event that caused each of them to get stuck in traffic, and the city in California where each was bringing their load of goods.

Once a week, she brings each of them to horse-riding lessons. Determine the name and age of each child, the day of the week and time of each lesson, and the name of each favorite horse. The day dawned sunny and warm, but not too hot. A perfect day for a family barbeque! They had a flock of family drop in to visit throughout the day Nature Walk Class Mr.

With the arrival of spring, many of the creatures at the sanctuary were caring for young and it quickly became a contest among the students to see who could spot the young babies first as they watched the wildlife go about their daily habits Determine the full name of each of the best baby-spotters, the total number of babies that each has been the first to spot, and the animal or bird that each chose to write their assigned report on at the end of the day. Bees Buzz Mrs. Adams took her 4th grade class outside yesterday for their science lesson because it was such a beautiful day out. Determine the full name of each budding artist, the type of bee each student drew, and the order in which the students turned in the assignment.

Girls Only Weekend Pamela and four of her friends rented a beach house for a long Girls Only weekend.

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In the furor of packing, each woman neglected to pack something and yet also ended up packing an extra item Determine the full name of each woman, the item that each forgot, and the extra item that each packed. A Day of Car Racing Larry and four friends went to the racetrack to witness the big car race held this past weekend. Five different contenders sped their way around the track to victory, or defeat Determine the full name of each driver in the race, the sponsor for each race car, and in what position each driver ended the race. Salary Raises It's review time again at the Widget Factory.

Fortunately, it's been a profitable year and most everyone's getting raises. Based on their performance level, some employees got a very generous raise while others got just the average percentage Determine the full name of these five people, the percentage salary raise of each employee, and how much money each raise represented.

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Flex Time The Widget Factory has just started a new program for their employees. From now on, all employees can work on a flexible time schedule Determine the full name of five of the Widget Factory employees, their start times, and the department in which they work. Winter Snowstorm Five people were late for work on Tuesday morning, because of the snowstorm raging outside. Traffic was backed up everywhere due to bad road conditions and accidents caused by slippery roads and unwary drivers Determine the full name of each person, the color and make of each person's car, and how long the commute ended up being for each person.

Planting Time Again While the northern regions are struggling with yet another snowstorm, the southern regions are gearing up for spring, and planting time. This week, four farmers planted seed in the first of their fields Determine the name of each farmer, what day each planted, the direction that each field lay from the farmer's house, and what type of grain each farmer planted.

House Painters - - our 5th anniversary! But what was really unusual about them was that each house changed to a color that one of the other houses was having removed Determine the original color of each house, what street each house was on, the new color each house was painted, and the last name of the owners of each house. Interview Madness - - our 5th anniversary! A company was interviewing people for four jobs that had become available.

One Monday morning, four people came in to interview Determine the full name of each interviewee, the full name of each manager, and the job each interviewed for.

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So now, all five years of puzzles are available both as online puzzles and as printable puzzles. For the PDF file with the 12 puzzles on this site, click the link above. For the PDF file with the 12 puzzles on the Puzzles. Please note that this page file contains the puzzles and grids, but not the answers. For the answers, you'll need to return to the appropriate puzzle page on the sites. We are working on the issue but don't have a resolution yet. A note will be posted when we've solved the problem.

New Year, New Car Five people had the lease on their car expire at the end of the year and each decided to make a big change to their chosen vehicle. Instead of renewing the lease, each person turned in their leased car, and bought a totally different car Determine the name of each person, the color and make of the leased car each returned, and the color and make of the car each bought. Holiday Vacation Four students, all currently in different colleges, decided to travel during their holiday break this year. Each chose a different location and a different activity to keep them busy during the holidays Determine the full name of each student, what activity each pursued during their holiday break, what place each student traveled to, and what city each student returned to after the holiday break was over.

Determine what each child bought for Mother and for themselves, the age of each child, and how much money each child started and ended with.

Susan had barely recovered from serving their large and boisterous family at Thanksgiving time; Brian cringed again at the thought of so many crowded into their small home. But all the same, they were welcomed everyone with warm smiles and open arms when the time came - after all, they were all family Determine the name of each trivia expert member on Brian's team, what each person's relationship to Brian was, and what trivia topic each was person's specialty. Currently the shows are scheduled for late December and the actors are hard at work learning their parts. By some weird twist of fate, five of the lead actors each had the same first name as one of the understudies.

Fortunately, however, for each individual role, the actor and understudy both had a different first name. Determine the name of each role, the full name of the lead actor for each role, and the full name of the understudy for each role. The resulting crowd overflowed the house with all the warmth, noise, boisterousness, and love of a large family brought together for the holidays The game of choice this year was trivia and each side had a number of trivial experts in a variety of subjects. Jam Session Mickey and the Four Winds band had a jam session last night at the local pub. Determine the full name of each band member, what instrument each played, and the title of the song each member performed as lead singer.

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Bahamas Cruise Earlier this month, five couples went on a cruise together for their annual vacation. The trip lasted for a week and the couples spent most of their time together. Each morning they would meet for breakfast and decide what to do for the day. On the fourth morning however Determine the full name of each couple, what they did for the day, and what souvenir each couple brought back. Country Concert Millersville celebrated the town's th anniversary last weekend. All weekend the town center and green were alive with speeches, parades, fireworks, and many other celebrations.

Part of the festivities, on Saturday night, included an open-air country concert Determine the name of each band that played, the full name of the lead singer of each band, the instrument each lead singer played, and the title of the top song selection that each band played. Millersville Races Millersville celebrated the town's th anniversary last weekend. All weekend the town center and green were alive with activities and townspeople Determine the name of each race, the full name of each winner, and the age of each winner.

A Day at the Zoo One day early this month, five mothers each brought their only child for a day at the zoo. The children had a glorious time together watching the different animals, and some were even brave enough to try petting and feeding the animals in the petting zoo area Little Lost Child One day, five couples took their children to the Millersville High Flying amusement park for a day of fun in the sun. While each couple had only one child, they were good friends who often traveled together so the children got along well together Gadget Security The on-site security team for Gadget, Inc.

Determine the full name of each security guard on duty, which security center each guard is stationed at, and which shift each guard works. Each couple plans to tour a different country Project Roads After lunch, Mrs. Fields rearranged her fourth grade class into groups of three children each for a special project. The day's lessons had revolved around Geography and the use of maps. She had a special project planned for this afternoon which involved road maps Determine the names of the children in each group, the order in which they submitted their answers, and which groups got prizes.

Motorcycle Rally Steven is a big motorcycle enthusiast and travels all over the country to attend motorcycle rallies. This past weekend, there was a large one in Indiana that he and three friends attended. Determine the name of each friend, what kind of sandwich each had for lunch, the state each traveled from, the time each arrived, and the type of motorcycle each drove.

Spring Curtains Located in a historical grand Victorian house, Handy Matters, the local crafting supply store, was very busy on this April morning in Millerstown. Five women had bustled in with spring fever in their eyes and bubbling enthusiasm on their lips.

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They were going to redo their curtains for spring! Spring Cleaning Day Spring has arrived and Julia has the cleaning bug. It was spring-cleaning time! She dusted and washed, moved furniture, shook out rugs, scrubbed windows, and waxed woodwork Determine what time she started working in each room and how long it took her to clean each room.

Tobogganing This past weekend, conditions were perfect in Millerstown for tobogganing. The snow conditions were good, the sun was shining, and the winds were calm. At some point during the day, a festive air pervaded the hillside and a toboggan relay race was enthusiastically set up Determine the name of each team and in what position each team placed, plus the full name and age of the last member of each team to cross the finish line.

Gabriel had started it many years ago to give his Friday night business a boost and it had grown to become a very successful and respected event Winter Olympics - - our 4th anniversary! This year, February heralds the start of the Winter Olympics.