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Academics develop myopia.

And texters—call it an avocation—have blurred vision. There are at least two recorded cases of something called smartphone blindness.

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Fortunately, smartphone blindness of this kind is transient. The blanket term for screen-borne eyesight problems is computer vision syndrome, an unsatisfactory name given to the blurring, dry eyes, and headaches suffered by the people of the screen. The name is unsatisfactory because, like many syndromes, it describes a set of phenomena without situating them in a coherent narrative—medical or otherwise.

For contrast, arc eye is a burn: Welders get it from their exposure to bright ultraviolet light. Snowblindness is caused when corneas are sunburned by light reflecting off snow. Computer vision syndrome is not nearly as romantic.

Looking Through Your Eyes

When screens pervade the field of vision all day, what counts as prolonged? Moreover, reports of discomfort seem like not much to predicate a whole syndrome on. This is the so-called rule, which asks that screen people take a second break to look at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes. The remedy helps us reverse-engineer the syndrome.

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This suffering is thought to be a function not of blue light or intrusive ads or bullying and other scourges. The person suffering eyestrain is taught to look 20 feet away but she might presumably look at a painting or a wall. People who are glued to screens to the exclusion of other people are regarded with disdain: narcissistic, withholding, deceitful, sneaky. This was true even with the panels that prefigured electronic screens, including shoji, as well as mirrors and newspaper broadsheets. The mirror-gazer may have been the first selfie fanatic, and in the heyday of mirrors the truly vain had handheld mirrors they toted around the way we carry phones.

And hand fans and shoji—forget it. The concealing and revealing of faces allowed by fans and translucent partitions suggest the masquerade and deceptions of social media.

An infatuation with screens can easily slide into a moral failing. Not long ago a science writer named Gabriel Popkin began leading walks to identify trees for city dwellers in Washington, DC, many who do work that takes place on screens. In , Popkin had learned about trees to cure this blindness in himself and went from a naif who could barely pick out an oak tree to an amateur arboriculturist who can distinguish dozens of trees.

The biggest living beings in his city suddenly seemed like friends to him, with features he could recognize and relish. Once he could see trees, they became objects of intense interest to him—more exhilarating than apps, if you can believe it. If computer vision syndrome has been invented as a catch-all to express a whole range of fears, those fears may not be confined to what blue light or too much close-range texting are doing to the eyesight.

Aug 05, Kathleen rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books , children-s-book-challenge. Wonderful message with beautiful art work! Feb 07, Donna Mork rated it really liked it. Beautifully illustrated book. A mom wants to teach her little girl everything about the world, but the little girl teaches the mom to see and hear the world in a whole new way.

Nov 04, Anna rated it it was amazing. A simple story of how just one child can bring us adults a whole new view on the wonderful life around us. A-mazing illustrations. I think the vivid colors and the palette chosen are wonderfully combined with the poem-style of writing. Jan 02, Qt rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books-read-when-i-was-bigge. Beautiful artwork. Oct 19, Emilie rated it really liked it Shelves: childrens-lit. Summary: Through your eyes is a book that everybody can learn something from, however would be most effective for children aged 1st-3rd. It is about a mother who is pregnant and has her child and before the baby is born she makes a list of all the things shell do with her and how things will be.

When the baby arrives she quickly finds out that this is not the case with how things will go.

Table of Contents

Follow the journey of this young mother and daughter duo as the mother learns little things through the eyes Summary: Through your eyes is a book that everybody can learn something from, however would be most effective for children aged 1st-3rd. Follow the journey of this young mother and daughter duo as the mother learns little things through the eyes of the daughter. Activity: In my classroom I would have the students write a journal about looking through the eyes of someone or something else. They could pick who they wanted to be and write 6 journal entries about what it is like living in their shoes and what they learn by being that person.

We would then gather around for a full group discussion and share at least two of our journal entries to gain perspective. Citation: Earhardt, A. Through your eyes: my childs gift to me. New York: Aladdin. Oct 21, Terry LaFargue rated it it was amazing. A great quick read for parents who are having their first child. It tells of the beauty and appreciation of having a child in ones life. I think this something all parents should know. Great illustrations. Nov 19, Dorine White rated it it was amazing.

This book stole my heart! Not just the beautiful story of a mother and daughter, but the absolutely brilliant and colorful illustrations. They are very impressionistic with soft, blending images, and bright, warm colors.

Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges | Scholastic

Hats off to illustrator Ji-Hyuk Kim. The story also took my breath away, perhaps because I am a mother and could relate to every detail, but also because one of my motto's in life is, Be Still. This book brings that idea to the forefront of learning. We begin with a mom who has a This book stole my heart! We begin with a mom who has a list of things she wants her child to see and do, but one day, as she watches her child play at the park, she realizes that her child is already seeing and doing amazing things just by interacting with the world around her.

She teaches her mom new ideas about feeling, being, hearing and seeing. The main idea being, "To slow down, take small steps. Make each moment last. The world is a blur if you're spinning too fast.

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This is a book to share with those you love! Feb 04, Corinne Gause rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-aloud. This book is so incredible.

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It is such a sweet and tender book about a mother who meets her child for the first time and creates this list of things she wants to experience with her as she grows up. However, as she lives life with her daughter, she is taught about the magic that the world holds. Her daughter does mundane, every day things, and finds so much beauty in it. This book is written in verse and has rhyming in it, but it is very well-written and the rhyming adds to the book.

This normal This book is so incredible.